Ministries and businesses that we support or recommend.

Ambassadors to the Nations - Darey & Karen Jolley

These awesome mullet-bearing people are the real deal! Based in Charlotte, North Carolina and fluent in Spanish, their focus is meeting the physical and spiritual needs of impoverished families through building houses & schools in some of Central America’s poorest communities. Through their on-going missions work, they have enabled thousands of children the privilege of going to school, making a massive impact on their entire regions.

Andrew Wommack Ministries - Andrew & Jamie Wommack

We met Andrew & Jamie in the early 80’s living in Phoenix, AZ as we were just getting started in full-time ministry. One of the premier Bible-teaching ministries in the world today, we count it a privilege to continue serving with them in conferences across the US and UK.

Crisis Aid International - Pat & Sue Bradley

The Bradleys have been close family friends for 30 years. In that time we watched as they began getting their feet wet in foreign missions while still holding down secular jobs at home, along with involving themselves in local outreaches. Today they oversee a massive operation which countless lives depend on for their survival, feeding thousands of families each month, combined with free medical care in remote areas of East Africa. Along with this, a large part of their efforts involve rescuing and rehabilitating girls caught up in sex trafficking at home and abroad. Add to all this weekly food distributions in their home town of St Louis! This is one fruitful organization, making a huge difference in our world today, and making God’s love known in a tangible way around the world.

Equip & Empower Ministries - Nick & Christine Caine

Our good Aussie friends are passionate about presenting a living Jesus, and helping hurting humanity.

A very inspiring preacher with a heart to rescue girls from sex trafficking, Chris and her husband now base out of Southern California, reaching broken people around the world and stirring the Church to step up into all God has done for us in Christ.

Joyce Meyer Ministries - Dave & Joyce Meyer

From 1997 - 2004, we were given the privilege to lead worship for all the Joyce Meyer conferences across the US & the world. We met the Meyers in St. Louis when we all were young and beginning our service to the Lord in the 70’s, along with serving together on a church staff in the 80’s. We are thankful for those seven years working together so intimately.

Love & Care Youth Center (aka Wings of Love & Care) - Susan Bradley

Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."

Located inside what once was a mansion in urban St Louis where prosperity once flowed, and now a revamped refuge to those who have nothing, this ministry reaches out to nearby children and their families with food, clothing, after-school tutoring and the gospel. Truly a labor of love & care, they are reaching the lost and broken with hope for a better tomorrow.

Mercy Ministries - Nancy Alcorn

Nancy’s ministry takes in young women who are hopeless, desperate & hurting, offering them love, acceptance, counseling and spiritual enrichment. Operating several homes around the world, they are literally saving the lives of precious girls caught in the throes of anorexia/bulimia, suicide-prone, drug addiction and unplanned pregnancy, delivering them into a life full of hope and freedom.

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