Be Fruitful & Multiply


It's been a joy to watch as songs develop from simple ideas in our hearts into some very powerful, beautiful pieces. Also as interesting is to see progress while working, and watching the miracle of creation unfold as we put our hands diligently to this task.

It makes me think about how God, the Master Craftsman, must have felt when He created us and the world we live in. At first we were possibly just an idea or a dream in His heart, but then He rolled up His sleeves and began working and creating.

At the end of each day's work, the scripture says, And God saw it was good. But after He made man, He said it was VERY GOOD! (Genesis 1:31) That reminds me of the Veggie Tales® animation stories which always end with, God made you special, and He loves you very much!

But let's back up a few verses and imagine the excitement in God's voice when, after He created the heavens, earth and animals in five days, He then voiced His final grand idea:

Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness...
(Genesis 1:26)

WOW! What an amazing scripture! And to think that if God made us in His image and likeness, then He has placed His creativity and gifts on the inside of us and wants us to use them!

But He doesn't stop there - in addition, He blessed us and gave us a mandate:

Then God blessed them and said, Be fruitful and multiply…
(Genesis 1:28)

I have often meditated on that mandate to be fruitful and multiply. Of course I know He was speaking of filling the earth with mankind, but I have always been challenged and encouraged by the thought of God wanting ME to be fruitful and multiply in every area of my life: My marriage and family, my business or ministry, my gifts and abilities, etc.

I look at this as a serious responsibility, to take what He has given us and honor Him with it. Like Jesus' parable of the business owner: This man entrusted his three servants with different amounts of his money. He praised the two who were fruitful and multiplied their portion, but was disappointed with the one who buried it all.

To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given,

and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing,

even what little they have will be taken away.
(Matthew 25:29)

So HOW can we Be fruitful and multiply?
God gives us a seed then says, Sow it. He gives us an idea then says, Do it.
He gives a dream and says, Pursue it. He shows us a need and says, Meet it.
He gives us a talent and says, Develop it.

The Bible says that God has given each of us gifts, and I'm sure that if you're like us, then they need your time, attention and effort to develop, making them the best they can be!

God has given each of you a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts.
Use them well to serve one another.
(1 Peter 4:10)

May we challenge you to take those God-given creative gifts on the inside of you and develop & use them for God's glory? Paul exhorted Timothy to stir up the gift of God on the inside of him (Timothy 1:6). Another translation says, Keep using the gift God gave you. I once heard it said concerning our talents, Use them or loose them!

We want you to know that we understand how easy it is to fall short in this arena of developing and using your gifts, and also how hard it is to get back going again when you've let it go dormant. We know because this is what we encountered in our song-writing journey.

Therefore we will be praying for you to stir up those gifts and put your hand back to the plow. The Lord has awesome plans for your life, and we will stand with you to revive those hidden treasures within your heart and see your dreams come to pass.

Be fruitful and multiply,


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