Songs of Thanksgiving

11/20/2017 5:31:30 PM

We've written a few songs through the years about being thankful to God for who He is and all He has done, so we thought we would share some with you.

My first one was taken straight from Psalms 105 called, O Give Thanks. I was very young in the Lord and was taking some jazz guitar lessons in school. As I was reading Psalm 105 one morning, I just had to sing these lyrics to these new chords I was learning:

Oh give thanks unto the Lord
Call upon His lovely name
Make known His deeds among all His people now
And bless His holy name
(Oh Give Thanks, Seeing By Faith album)

I actually recorded it the first time in 1976 on our church album in St. Louis called To the Children Of the King. This was before Jill & I were married, and she actually recorded one of her first songs on this LP as well!

We were just young kids praising Jesus and thanking Him for His love. Here is a memorable picture of us on that album:

I was 21 and Jill was 18. We had no idea back then what the Lord had in store for us! It's been an amazing journey.

Meeting Jesus when I was 19 years old, being delivered from drugs, drunkenness and the world's entanglements, I could find nothing better to do than thank the Lord for giving me a brand new life.

Then Jill, growing up in a traditional church and being baptized in the Holy Spirit at the age of 14 just set her on fire for God! She immediately began writing songs and hasn't stopped since.

We met in that church in St. Louis and God brought us together in His love, and then called us into His ministry to write and sing music for HIM for the rest of our lives.

Although most of our songs always carry a thread of thankfulness to God, there are a few more that are very meaningful which we would like to share:

The first is called Thank You for the Blood. This is a powerful song Jill wrote and recorded in the year 2000 through Joyce Meyer Ministries, thanking God for sending His Son Jesus to bleed for us, wash us clean, take away our sin, guilt, shame and make us His own. I'm sure you share the same thankfulness we do!

Thank You for the Blood of The Lamb
Thank You that you rescued my soul
I'm so grateful that I can stand before You
Thank You for the Blood of the Lamb

(Thank You For The Blood, Redeeming Blood album)

The next Song of Thanksgiving Jill wrote is called, How Can We Say Thank You, recorded in 2001 on our I Dare to Believe CD. It's a simple but intimate song of gratefulness to God for all He has done. Very touching!

How can we say Thank You?
How can we find words to express
all that is in our hearts?

(How Can We Say Thank You, I Dare to Believe album)

The last song of thankfulness I want to mention was probably the hardest one to write. Jill wrote this song following the passing of our 23-year-old son to Heaven in 2009, after battling a disease for nine months. Our hearts were broken, our dreams were shattered and our faith was tested beyond what we thought was possible. BUT God was there to help us through this nightmare, continually healing our broken hearts and giving us His strength to keep going. The chorus goes like this:

You've carried me through trial and You've carried me through pain.
And in my darkest hour You gave strength to me again.
I am so Thankful Lord, I am so thankful Lord, I am so thankful Lord
for all YOU are to me.

(So Thankful, Your Love Remains album)

Our journey hasn't been a perfect "Hallmark Movie". We have had our hardships and pain like many of you have. But through all of this we can say with a thankful heart, God's love has been constant and His grace has been there to help and keep us.

In this season of thankfulness, may we all thank God for His love and faithfulness, and keep our eyes on what He has done for us through the cross. His ever-present presence is with us (what a wonderful present!) and we can always be thankful for that!

Happy Thanksgiving,

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