You Do The Lovin...I'll Do The Fixin'

How do you minister to someone who has asked, prayed and believed for a miracle but for some reason they just didn't see the manifestation of their prayers? Maybe they were speaking to their mountain of difficulty, but this time the mountain just didn't move.

What do you say to the precious saints who really love God but are hurting and confused over their loss? I remember one pastor friend said to me, "There is a faith to move mountains and there is a faith to stand when the mountain doesn't move!" Continue reading...


So, what about this issue of crying and tears from loss? Is it unspiritual, showing weakness or and lack of trust, or possibly a healing balm to the soul? Jill and I believe it can be a healthy response to a difficult situation, although at the moment, it may seem opposite. Sometimes all you need is a good cry to get through something. However, those who squash this emotion can become bound up and dysfunctional.

Grief after loss is an interesting journey with many twists, turns and a life of its own. Therefore we believe it is important for people to have the freedom to express it without any fear or condemnation of what others might think. Continue reading...

Grief With Hope

1 Thessalonians 4:13 says, We do not grieve like people who have no hope, but it does NOT say WE DON'T GRIEVE. We DO grieve, but differently. We know how blessed our loved ones are to be in Heaven with the Lord, and we know we will see them again one day. We know this. Nevertheless we still miss them terribly on this side of eternity, and that is to be allowed - NOT to be discouraged or ignored.

Grieving as a Christian is surely a very different journey than for an unbeliever...we would not have made it without knowing the Lord is by our side walking with us through this valley, carrying us at times, comforting our broken hearts, Continue reading...


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